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May 2nd, 2022

To: Rothenberger USA, Sievert, and Ruko Tool Brand Customers

Subject: New Pricing Effective July 5th, 2022

Over the past six months, we have been confronted with sustained increases in raw materials, electronic components, energy, and freight costs. For example, as a result of significant increases in both crude oil and gasoline, major logistics service providers such as DHL and UPS have raised their prices for business customers and implemented surcharges for fuel and peak/high demand. Inflationary pressure on raw material costs continues to have a negative impact on our production costs.

Despite continuous increases in our productivity, we are simply unable to completely absorb these price increases. Therefore, we will adjust our prices by an average of 7% starting July 05, 2022.

We hope for your understanding in this situation and look forward to maintaining a positive working relationship. Please contact a member of our sales team with any questions or concerns you may have.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in ROTHENBERGER USA and wish you all the best.


Sievert Heating Tools USA RUKO Tools USA Exact Pipecut Systems USA


Supertronic 2SE

RoPower 50R
P/N 63004 or 63005

Collins Classic 22A

Rothenberger Pipe Threaders

NEW Machine package, YOU SAVE $8,235.02

NEW! Exact
PipeCut AIR

New PipeCut AIR 360, safe, fast, reliable and true 90 degree cut


Supertronic 4SE

Compact Pipe Threader

Collins EZ Cutter

Rothenberger Pipe Cutters






Plastic Pipe Welding Equipment
Available Exclusively Through CMS Industrial Equipment

Threading & Roll Grooving Equipment
Hand Ratchet Threaders, Die Heads & Dies, Portable
Electric Power Threaders, Pipe Threading Machines, Roll Grooving
 & Base Plates to Suit Various Electric Threaders, Threading Oil

Oster 4" Pipe Threader”

The Oster 784 threading machine is the most versatile and rugged 4” pipe threading machine you will encounter. 


General Tools
Tape Measure, Screw Driver Set, Bolt Cutters, Deburring Tools

Threading Dies & Die Heads, NPT, NPSM
UNC Threading Dies
High performance automatic die heads, Pipe dies made of high speed steel can be re-sharpened for longer die life. Expert die grinding ensures consistent high quality and
long lasting dependability.

 Press Tools ZoomLock® MAX
Press-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings PRESS TOOLS AND JAWS Parker Hannifin recommends the use of ROTHENBERGER press tools in combination with ZoomLock MAX ROTHENBERGER jaws.

Drain Cleaning Equipment & Accessories
Electric Drain Cleaning Machines, Spiral & Tool Sets, Drain Cleaner Accessories


Soldering & Brazing Equipment
Brazing Torches, Gasses in Disposable Cylinders, Silver Solders, Torch Accessories

Extractor (Branch Forming) Tools & Flaring Tools
Tube Extractor Sets, Extractor Heads, Single & Double Flaring Tools

Pipe Bending Tools
Mini Tube Benders, Hand Tube Benders, Ratchet Tube Benders, Pro-Benders, Electric Tube Benders, Hydraulic Pipe Benders


Expanding Tools
Tube Expander Kits, Tube Expander Heads, Industrial Tube
Expander Tools, Romax Electric Expander

Rothenberger Steel & Plastic Pipe Cutters

Steel Pipe Cutters & Plastic Pipe Cutters
Steel Pipe Cutters, Ratchet Plastic Pipe Shears, Professional Plastic Pipe Shears, Plastic Pipe Cutters, Multi-Layer Tube Cutter

Rothenberger Wrenches & Pliers

Wrenches & Pliers
Pipe Wrenches, Shifters, Torque Wrench Kit, Basin Wrenches, Strap Wrenches, Chain Wrenches, Pliers, Multigrip Pliers, Machine Grooved Pliers, Sheet Metal Bending Pliers, Engineers Pliers

Rothenberger Tube Cutters

Copper, Aluminum & Soft SS Tube Cutters
Pipeslices, Mini Tube Cutters, Traditional Tube Cutters, heavy
Duty & Professional Tube Cutters, Replacement Wheels, Axles
& Pin

Pipe Freezing Equipment
Disposable Pipe Freezing Spray, Pipe Freezing Kits & Sets, Electric Pipe Freezing Sets and the Rothenberger KIBOSH emergency pipe repair system.

Vices & Stands
Pipe Vices, Portable Work Stands, Pipe Support Stands

Pressure Testing Equipment
Hand operated Pressure Testing Pumps, Electric Pressure Testing Pump

CCTV Drain Inspection Cameras, Camera Accessories
Rocam Mobile B&W & Colour Camera Systems, Rocam Mobile Plus (Colour with Self Levelling Head & Data Enrolment) and Camera Accessories

EEX ia IIC T6 for Zone 0

P374_PIS copy

Hazardous Environments Certified

Manual Push Inspetion System
6mm Diameter Camera, 100 ft Working Length Probe, 7" TFT LCD color monitor in an ABS, Remote control (for monitor), Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, Built-in Digital recorder,
*USB port, Movie format: AVI, Heavy Duty Waterproof Carrying Case

Sievert TW 500Sievert TW 500 BoxSievert GS 12000 12Kw Generator

Sievert TW 500 Hot Air Automatic Welder
The Sievert TW 5000 was designed with the professional in mind.
It is the most versatile, reliable, powerful and easy to operate automatic welding machine available in the market. In designing
the TW 5000, performance and innovation were the top priority.

Sievert DW-300 Roofing Heating ToolsSievert DW-300 Kit

Sievert DW 300
Sievert DW 3000 Hot-Air Welder, 1700 Watt 120V 50/60Hz, Digital Temperature Control, LED Display, Brushless Motor, 6 Foot Cord
with 2-Prong Straight Blade 120V Plug. Includes Tool Case. Ideal
for TPO / PVC Roofing Membranes.


Before                                After

Service & Repair Center
Our service and repair center provides the necessary maintenance for pipe threading, cutting and grooving equipment to protect you from unforeseen and unexpected losses or downtime due to equipment malfunction or failure.


Do-It-Yourself Single Zone
A MRCOOL® DIY® Series heat pump is the only ductless mini-split system on the market specifically designed for amateur installation. You don't need special tools or training to install this high efficiency heat pump.
Do-It-Yourself Multi-Zone
The MRCOOL DIY® Multi-Zone Series ductless mini-split is the only whole-home mini-split
solution that you can install yourself. Simple, easy air comfort in up to four zones.

 Rothenberger Kibosh
Rothenberger KIBOSH, emergency pipe repair clamp






The brand and the sub-group ROTHENBERGER constitute the heart of the ROTHENBERGER Group. A leading mid-sized technology company with a traditional brand, it is a leading provider in the tool and environmental technology industry, as well as machine tools. In 2008, the company as a whole, with almost 3,000 employees, realized a business volume of over 500 million euro – built upon technological prominence, practice-orientated research and development and especially buoyed from years of customer and employee satisfaction. With over 50 company groups and 14 production locations world-wide, ROTHENBERGER presents itself today as a global player that at the same time has never forgotten the responsibility for its home region – which is reflected in an apprenticeship quota of over ten percent. And in 2008, ROTHENBERGER TEC Center opened one of the industry’s most exemplary training, innovation and production centers, which positioned the company as an essential, value-added development and schooling process in the Rhein-Main region. Research and development based on precise knowledge of the market and user needs enjoys a remarkable significance at ROTHENBERGER which is impressively documented with over 150 international patents and trademarks. With a wide product spectrum in the high-quality segment, which ranges from robust water pump wrenches to high-tech pipe inspection systems, ROTHENBERGER is in a first-class position for the next decade of success.

Rothenberger, with a history of over 50 years of German engineering and innovation that goes into every tool that comes off the line, Rothenberger, as the company that introduced the R-System tool series, Rothenberger is responsible for revolutionizing the modern installation of copper pipes, allowing for fitting-free tube installation. Rothenberger is still the name to know as the market leader with over 150 patents and over 25+ million top-quality tools sold each year, such as pipe threader power machines, handheld pipe threaders. Over 50 years of German engineering and innovation have gone into every tool that comes off the line at Rothenberger. Rothenberger, as the company that introduced the R-System tool series, Rothenberger is responsible for revolutionizing the modern installation of copper pipes, allowing for fitting-free tube installation. Rothenberger is still the name to know as the market leader with over 150 patents and over 25 million top-quality tools sold each year. At CMS Industrial Equipment Corporation, we sell the entire line of outstanding Rothenberger tools including all Rothenberger hand tools, cutting tools, flaring tools, torches, and benders. If you're a plumbing or electrical contractor or reseller, CMS Industrial Equipment Corporation is your direct connection to Rothenberger's fine products. Rothenberger stays on top of their game by actively consulting the real people in the field to fill their needs. Rothenberger's attention to detail is unmistakable from its use of only the finest steel and other raw materials, to its well-tested design features that make your job easier and more comfortable. Their latest technology offers plumbing and electrical professionals the most advanced tools on the market for the installation, maintenance, inspection, and testing of all types of tube and pipe above and below ground. If you're looking for cheap tools that will work for now--Rothenberger is not your company. If, however, you're looking for exceptional tools with 50 years of R & D behind them as well as the prestigious Quality Assurance Certification ISO 9000/ 9001/ 9002, then Rothenberger is your brand. Order yours through CMS Industrial Equipment Corporation today by faxing 915-228-3777 or by calling the direct line for your region of the US. The quality and safety of polyolefine heating element butt fusion or butt welding joints is at the heart of discussions of pipe layers and pipe network operators.  As an internationally recognized manufacturer of conventional heating element butt fusion or butt weld machines, ROTHENBERGER has accepted this challenge. A new CNC plastic weld machine technology has been developed on the basis of the most up-to-date microprocessor technology and novel test result recording. The outcome are welds of a quality and dependability never before attained. Thanks to a spirit of innovation and quality that has it all, ROTHENBERGER has also secured a leading international position in the butt fusion or butt welding field. Practical tools for chamfering and severing as well as sawing machines round off the plastic machining program.  Please note: More Butt Fusion machines are available upon request from our sales department. Greenlee is one of the two select premier brands that we represent at CMS Industrial Equipment Corporation. Their high-performance professional-grade tools are the industry's best when it comes to installing wire and cable. From electrical applications to plumbing, communications, and more, Greenlee hand tools and machinery are designed and built to outlast and outperform any other brand.

ROTHENBERGER Introduces a complete range of ROWELD Butt Fusion products available for pipes up to 1,200mm.
The quality and safety of polyolefine heating element butt fusion or butt welding joints is at the heart of discussions of pipe layers and pipe network operators. As an internationally recognized manufacturer of conventional heating element butt fusion or butt weld machines, ROTHENBERGER ROWELD has accepted this challenge. A new ROWELD CNC plastic weld machine technology has been developed on the basis of the most up-to-date microprocessor technology and novel test result recording. The outcome are welds of a quality and dependability never before attained, your best choice for pipe bursting. Thanks to a spirit of innovation and quality that has it all, ROTHENBERGER ROWELD has also secured a leading international position in this field. Practical tools for chamfering and severing as well as sawing machines round off the plastic machining program. 01. October 2007 ROTHENBERGER ROWELD triple M System sets new standard in user orientation with its modular design Right on time for K 2007, which from 24th to 31st October at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre will be focusing the spotlight on innovations in the plastics sector, ROTHENBERGER ROWELD presents a new dimension in the use of heating plate butt-welding machines.

CMS Industrial Equipment Company is an authorized ROTHENBERGER and ROTHENBERGER ROWELD distributor and it is not in any other way associated with ROTHENBERGER


Sievert AB is a world leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality heating tools for professionals.

Our products represent today’s most advanced technology. Our goal is to develop, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality tools for all types of soldering, brazing and heating applications. This statement is not just a definition of our product range – it is also a promise. A promise that we will always be one step ahead and always listen to you – our customer – and involve ourselves in your business. A promise that we will be wherever you are. A promise that we will be the partner to help you succeed when you use our products and services. Whatever the jobs are that you have today, or in the future. We have been in business for more than 130 years, and today we are a world leader. But still our work has only just begun. Carl Richard Nyberg was a specialist in soldering, but he felt that the soldering technology available in the 1880´s could be greatly improved. He was determined to find a heating source that was more efficient. After much experimentation he succeeded in finding a solution, and in 1882 he made the first prototype of a soldering blowtorch for which he also obtained a patent.

That same year the future industrialist, Max Sievert, opened the doors of a machinery business in Stockholm that would form the foundation of a major company. When the paths of Nyberg and Sievert later crossed, they formed a partnership that was uncommonly fruitful. Nyberg manufactured blowtorches, and Sievert sold them throughout the world. A successful business was launched.

Since 2003, Sievert is a member of the Rothenberger group of companies

1882 Swedish engineer C.R. Nyberg invents the first blowtorch.
1886 Max Sievert gets the sole right to sell the blowtorch globally. The Sievert brand is born
1952 Sievert launches the first propane burners
2003 The first electrical hot air welding machines are introduced and SIEVERT becomes part of the Rothenberger Group of Companies
2013 Sievert starts own gas production

RUKO Company history

RUKO Ohg was founded in November 1974 in Böblingen. It was reorganized into RUKO gmbh Precision Tools in July 1980. At this time it also concentrated its activities on the manufacture of drilling and cutting tools. Since November 1990 the headquarters of RUKO gmbh have been in holzgerlingen (near Stuttgart). The modern building has a useful floor space of around 6800 m². Around 1300m² of this is head office space, 2400 m² is production space and 3100 m² stores. The 28 fully-automated CNC grinding machines in holzgerlingen used in production permit maxi-mum precision in the manufacture of drills and cutters. This means that RUKO currently has one of the most up-to-date production methods in Europe.

RUKO Quality as standard

The established RUKO quality has been confirmed once again with the dIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate for 2013-2016. The RUKO quality system was first tested and certified according to dIN EN ISO 9001, the highest level of accreditation, in January 1998. The dIN EN ISO 9001 system is based on not only perfect product quality, but also an integral quality concept in all corporate divisions.
Innovative strength, reliability and quality matched to the requirements of industry and craftsmen are the hallmarks of our corporate philosophy.


Initial company For-Man Trade Oy was founded on 20.10.1993.
Registration as Exact Tools Oy on 05.11.2001 when the company started focusing on plumbing tools including pipe cutters.
Registration number: 572.232
VAT number: FI09453444
Domicile: Helsinki, Finland
Legal form: PLC (private limited company)
To introduce Exact pipe cutting technology globally.
To be the most innovative manufacturer of pipe cutting tools.
To develop innovative portable solutions for pipe cutting.
To constantly innovate and develop new products and accessories by an ongoing R&D program.
To focus on innovative solutions by outsourcing manufacturing and to create a global distribution network.
To increase the share value.
The history of private label production
2003 Orbitalum Tools GmbH (former Georg Fischer RVT) contacted Exact and asked if could we produce our product under their +GF+ brand. Our first private label deal was done.
2004 T-Drill Oy contacted us and asked for private label products. Second private label deal with T-Drill Oy / T-Drill inc.
2005 Asada Corporation visited our office in Helsinki and asked for private label products for Japanese markets. Third private label deal with Asada Corporation.
2006 Rothenberger Spain office contacted us. Fourth private label deal with Rothenberger Group.
2007 Fifth private label deal with Victaulic Europe.
2009-2010 Global recession began. Exact Tools Oy was facing the fact that the sales of big private label customers does not grow anymore. Exact Tools Oy made a decision to start new strategy in sales.
2012 Exact gives up private label customers (except Asada Corporation) and focuses in developing and marketing Exact brand.

Good Design Award winner 2014
The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd. present the Museum's annual GOOD DESIGN Awards Program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. Exact PipeCut 220E was awarded with this prestigious award 2014.

Red Dot Design Award winner 2013
Exact tools PipeCut 220E, 280E and 360E machines were granted the red dot design award 2013. The red dot is a renowned distinction for high design quality. A jury of international experts consisting 37 members evaluated 4662 submissions from 54 countries. The jury awarded the coveted quality seal only to products which significantly set themselves apart from other products due to their excellent design.

German Design Award nominee 2015
Excellent Product Design Prizes are be awarded to high-quality products, their manufacturers and designers for pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. Exact PipeCut 220E, 280E and 360E pipe cutting systems were nominated to get this remarkable accolade.


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