Rothenberger Mini-Collins 00074 Electric and Pneumatic Power Drives and NEW 70753 Bucket Oiler



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Rothenberger MINI-COLLINS

  • Puts power back into power threading-threads up to 2" pipe or conduit, 1" bolt or rod in seconds!
  • Lightweight and engineered to go anywhere-requires only 1 3/4" clearance for working in trenches, overhead, and in tight quarters where only hand tools could be used before.
  • Convenient maintenance-built-in fill plug eliminates disassembly of gearbox for oiling
  • Has the muscle to make any turning job easy-tightens nuts, drives cable pullers, turns hoists and jacks, opens and closes valves, or drives up to 6" geared threaders
  • Shock-resistant handle and durable construction provide years of safe, dependable operation




NEW Rothenberger Bucket Oiler

* Heavy-duty drip pan
* Easy, ergonomic 2-finger trigger
* Lightweight for portability
* Sturdy construction for leak proof use
* Swivel nozzle for easy use
* Rust proof strainer for long life

Style: Heavy Duty Metal Drip Pan
Type: Oiler
Capacity: 5 gal
Spout Length: 4-1/2"
Shipping Weight: 24.00 lbs.


No. $
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Rothenberger Bucket Oiler 24.00  70753 $303.90

When you're pricing pipe threading machines, keep in mind that better design and engineering will last you much longer. A quality purchase now will pay dividends on the job site when your crew can keep working without a machine break or malfunction. The pipe threading machines built by Rothenberger and sold through CMS Industrial Equipment Company are among the best on the market.

With over 50 years of innovative design and technology, particularly in the area of pipe tools and machines, Rothenberger is gold standard to beat. Electrical contractors, plumbers, and construction professionals all over the world benefit from their continued dedication to producing the best piping equipment in the world. At CMS Industrial Equipment Company we've made Rothenberger one of only two top companies we present to our valued customers.

The Rothenberger Mini-Collins Threaders are the company's latest generation, giving professionals new optimal cutting geometry and precision thread cutting to approved standards. Its compact design lets you work in confined areas and its light weight allows you to move it quickly from job site to job site. Rothenberger offers the Mini-Collins electric and the Mini-Collins pneumatic For complete safety in hazardous environments (for example, petroleum and chemical plants, mines, or tunnels) power drives for threading NPT 1/4-inch to 2 inches.

You'll see what you're paying for the moment you use a Rothenberger pipe threading machine. Their R & D department gets out into the field to see what the issues are and then meets those challenges head on.

To order your Rothenberger pipe threading machine, just fax your order to CMS Industrial Equipment Company at the number below, or order through our easy online shopping cart system.



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