Rothenberger NEW PEX Crimpers ROPRESS Compact Cordless, ROPRESS Cordless & ROPRESS Corded 110V. Same as Ridgid ProPress butt better!




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Rothenberger Professional PEX Crimper Dual Head
for 1/2" & 3/4" P/N 12428

ROTHENBERGER Professional PEX Crimper

Constructed of lightweight, durable polycarbonate E3 handles, the ASTM F 1807 PEX Crimp Tools are ideal for making copper crimp ring connections in potable water and radiant heating applications.
For use with ASTM F 1807 black copper crimp rings and insert fittings for PEX tubing.
Reduced Weight- Over 20% Lighter than traditional PEX crimp tools.
Durable handles provide increased comfort.
Up To 33% Less Force Required to produce a crimp, compared to traditional PEX crimp tools.
Compact Tool Length for access to tight spaces.
Easily adjustable lock screw for tool calibration.

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12425  1/2" Professional PEX Crimper $184.90  
12426  3/4" Professional PEX Crimper $184.90  
12428  1/2" & 3/4" Professional PEX Crimper $222.90  
12427  1" Professional PEX Crimper $248.90  
Rothenberger Romax Compact TT Twin Turbo at CMS Industrial Equipment Company

The NEW! Rothenberger Romax Compact TT (Twin Turbo)

Rothenberger Romax Compact TT Twin Turbo at CMS Industrial Equipment Company


The NEW! Rothenberger Romax Compact TT (Twin Turbo)

The all new ROMAX Compact TT is 8cm smaller and 400g lighter than its predecessor making it the smallest 18v pressing machine on the market. Powered by the new powerful 18v Li-ion 4ALL battery platform the TT Compact piston can deliver an impressive 19kN/30mm force capable of powering pressing jaws 12-35mm diameter (system dependent).


  • Fast pressing in under 3 seconds!
  • High performance 18v Li-ion battery platform, 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah available.
  • The latest Twin Cylinder design locates the motor and piston in parallel, reducing length to 34cm and making it the smallest   on the market. This new design also keeps the center of gravity in the middle of the machine, reducing fatigue when in use.
  • LED light illuminates work spaces and indicates battery status. The head can also be rotated for use in confined spaces. Jaws are also quick-change, making it simple yet secure locking system.
  • Shoulder strap hook
  • LED Light to illumintae the workspace when in use
  • Constant Force Technology (CFT) Guarantees constant pressing force of 19Kn throughout pressing cycle





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 02128  ROMAX TT BASIC Set (tool, case, two 2AHR batteries & charger)




 ROMAX TT Plumbing Set (all of the above plus 4 jaw set 1/2" - 1-1/4" for copper)



Rothenberger Romax Compact TT Jaws

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02507 TT Plumbing Press Jaw Set (1/2", 3/4", 1" & 1-1/4") $ 1,092.90  

The New ROMAX 4000 press from ROTHENBERGER
The compact and versatile power package for fittings up to 4"

Compact, light, fast, economical, reliable and versatile for system dependent pressings up to 108mm. This is the new electro-hydraulic press ROMAX 4000 from ROTHENBERGER.

With its wand-like design, this standard press unit is very handy (for battery and mains use) and can be used in various building site situations. Whether in large-dimensioned cellar distributions, hard to access front-wall installations, or cramped duct installations: with the ROMAX 4000 it is no longer necessary to change presses. In addition to the compact design (445 x 125 x 75 mm) and light weight (3.66 kg with battery and without press clamp) this new press has many standard fittings available, which ease the work of the installer at the building site, while at the same time improving the profitability.

Innovative press technology for a better performance With the ROMAX 4000, copper and stainless-steel fittings can be quickly pressed to a nominal width of 12 to 108 mm, and plastic fittings from 12 up to 75 mm. With the powerful motor the press process is reduced to just under 5 seconds. A constant axial pressing force of 32-34 kN is provided by the proven Constant Force Technology. The automatic forced cycle assures that the pin does not reverse until the needed press force is achieved. Even adverse weather conditions dont affect the ROMAX 4000. The technology is designed for use in temperatures from -10 C up to 60 C. An important plus for the craftsman is a 20,000 press cycle service interval. The two Li-ion battery (18 V / 4.0 Ah) provide long lasting efficiency which enables up to 160 pressings (28 mm stainless steel) or 90 pressings (54 mm stainless steel). During development special attention was paid to the handling. The soft-grip offers safe and reliable use. The ergonomic form of the machine and a balanced weight-distribution ease the use on the building site. With the ROMAX 4000 even the operation in cramped spaces is not a problem. Even easier is the pressing in hard to access building site situations, with the additional set of press rings for metal pipes up to 35 mm (available separately). Each set includes the press jaw ZB 1 and a press ring with SV contour or M contour. The M contour is only available in the ROTHENBERGER program.

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 ROMAX 4000 Basic with Battery, Battery Charger and Carrying Case




 ROMAX 4000, 1/2" - 2" Copper Jaws Battery, Charger, carrying case.


Rothenberger hand tools give tradesmen of all types the confidence that comes with having the best materials and design at their tool boxes. Like all Rothenberger tools, the hand tools have the Quality Assurance Certification ISO 9000 / 9001 / 9002, which covers everything from the raw materials to the service you receive after a sale. At
CMS Industrial Equipment Company, we stand behind all of the Rothenberger tools we sell, including their exceptionally made tee extractors.

For Rothenberger's full line of German-engineered hand tools, power tools, and more,
CMS Industrial Equipment Company is your direct connection. Search on our easy-to-navigate site for all the tools you need and then order with the just the click of a mouse. If you prefer to order by fax, our ordering department is always ready at the number below.



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Rothenberger ROMAX Pressliner,
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