Rothenberger NEW PEX Crimpers ROPRESS Compact Cordless, ROPRESS Cordless & ROPRESS Corded 110V. Same as Ridgid ProPress butt better!




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Square Installments


Rothenberger Professional PEX Crimper Dual Head
for 1/2" & 3/4" P/N 12428

ROTHENBERGER Professional PEX Crimper

Constructed of lightweight, durable polycarbonate E3 handles, the ASTM F 1807 PEX Crimp Tools are ideal for making copper crimp ring connections in potable water and radiant heating applications.
For use with ASTM F 1807 black copper crimp rings and insert fittings for PEX tubing.
Reduced Weight- Over 20% Lighter than traditional PEX crimp tools.
Durable handles provide increased comfort.
Up To 33% Less Force Required to produce a crimp, compared to traditional PEX crimp tools.
Compact Tool Length for access to tight spaces.
Easily adjustable lock screw for tool calibration.

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12425  1/2" Professional PEX Crimper $172.90
12426  3/4" Professional PEX Crimper $173.90
12428  1/2" & 3/4" Professional PEX Crimper $208.90
12427  1" Professional PEX Crimper $232.90

The NEW Rothenberger RoConnect® Compact


The NEW! Rothenberger ROCONNECT® Compact Cordless Press Tool.

Six tons of power in the palm of your hand.

The ROPRESS Compact lightweight, battery-powered press tool weighs only 5.4 lbs. and connects 1/2", 3/4" and 1" copper tubing in about 6 seconds.
A slim profile allows for one hand operation of the tool while the other hand is free to hold and position the fitting. Interchangeable press jaws rotate
350 degrees and automatically release when the press is complete. Its straight design and slim profile is like an extension of your arm that easily reaches into tight spaces. When a press is complete, the jaws automatically release signaling that the tool is ready for the next press. If the press jaws need to be opened before a press is complete, the operator can simply push a hydraulic release button on the backside of the tool.

ROPRESS Compact Cordless Press Tool, Six tons of power in the palm of your hand.


Slim profile & light weight allows for one-hand operation
Jaws automatically release when press is complete
Interchangeable jaws rotate 350 degrees
Part No. 16002 Set includes: Crimping Tool, 1/2”-1” jaws, 1.3 amp battery, 120V charger

Crimp Force: 12,000 lbs.
Battery & Crimping Force LED Monitor
Displays battery charge and tool maintenance status
Alarm will sound if crimp is not completed. Internal serial number minimizes theft.

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries?
• Weigh 40% less than NiMNH or NiCd batteries
• Last 70% longer than NiMH or NiCd batteries
• No memory effect
• Smart chargers control the charging current, voltage and battery temperature to maximize battery life
• No hazardous materials

Lithium-Ion Battery High-quality, powerful, long-lasting 18 volt Makita Li-Ion battery






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16001 ROCONNECT® Compact 1 battery, charger, NO JAWS, carrying case



ROCONNECT® Compact, 1/2", 3/4", 1" Copper Jaws for NIBCO, VIEGA and ELKHART fittings, 1 Battery, charger & carrying case.



Rothenberger ROCONNECT® COMPACT Press Tools Spare Jaws for NIBCO, VIEGA and ELKHART fittings

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15031V Compact Jaws 1/2" Copper $ 182.90
15032V Compact Jaws 3/4" Copper $ 182.90
15033V Compact Jaws 1" Copper $182.90



No. Description $
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15930 Compact Jaws 3/8" PEX $176.90
15931 Compact Jaws 1/2" PEX $176.90
15932 Compact Jaws 5/8" PEX $176.90
15933 Compact Jaws 3/4" PEX $176.90
15934 Compact Jaws 1" PEX $176.90
15935 Compact Jaws 1-1/4" PEX $184.90

The New ROMAX 4000 press from ROTHENBERGER
The compact and versatile power package for fittings up to Ø 4"

Compact, light, fast, economical, reliable and versatile for system dependent pressings up to Ø 108mm. This is the new electro-hydraulic press ROMAX 4000 from ROTHENBERGER.

With its wand-like design, this standard press unit is very handy (for battery and mains use) and can be used in various building site situations. Whether in large-dimensioned cellar distributions, hard to access front-wall installations, or cramped duct installations: with the ROMAX 4000 it is no longer necessary to change presses. In addition to the compact design (445 x 125 x 75 mm) and light weight (3.66 kg with battery and without press clamp) this new press has many standard fittings available, which ease the work of the installer at the building site, while at the same time improving the profitability.

Innovative press technology for a better performance With the ROMAX 4000, copper and stainless-steel fittings can be quickly pressed to a nominal width of Ø 12 to 108 mm, and plastic fittings from Ø 12 up to 75 mm. With the powerful motor the press process is reduced to just under 5 seconds. A constant axial pressing force of 32-34 kN is provided by the proven Constant Force Technology. The automatic forced cycle assures that the pin does not reverse until the needed press force is achieved. Even adverse weather conditions don’t affect the ROMAX 4000. The technology is designed for use in temperatures from -10° C up to 60° C. An important plus for the craftsman is a 20,000 press cycle service interval. The two Li-ion battery (18 V / 4.0 Ah) provide long lasting efficiency which enables up to 160 pressings (28 mm stainless steel) or 90 pressings (54 mm stainless steel). During development special attention was paid to the handling. The soft-grip offers safe and reliable use. The ergonomic form of the machine and a balanced weight-distribution ease the use on the building site. With the ROMAX 4000 even the operation in cramped spaces is not a problem. Even easier is the pressing in hard to access building site situations, with the additional set of press rings for metal pipes up to Ø 35 mm (available separately). Each set includes the press jaw ZB 1 and a press ring with SV contour or M contour. The M contour is only available in the ROTHENBERGER program.

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 ROMAX 4000, 1/2" - 2" Copper Jaws Battery, Charger, carrying case.


The Rothenberger ROCONNECT® Cordless

The cordless ROPRESS features a controlled, fully automatic pressing cycle, and a battery-powered hydraulic drive, making the tool perfect for use on the construction site. A handy LED display shows tool information.

CFT® Technology for constant axial shearing force:
Eliminates danger of excessive pressing forces. Controlled, fully automatic press sequence:
For uniform, guaranteed joints that conform to the specifications of leading system manufacturers. After briefly pressing the security touch switch, the controlled, guided sequence begins:
Energy-saving and safe. Piston automatically returns once pressing cycle is finished: Quick press cycle without manual switching; eliminates incomplete pressing of pipes. Immediately ready for work through its rechargeable battery drive: Works anywhere!
Permanent machine monitoring:
LED display shows tool information
With 24,000 lbs of pressing force, this tool can crimp up to 4" diameter copper or brass fittings.




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16101  ROCONNECT® Cordless Tool, Charger, Battery & Carry Case


16102  ROCONNECT® Cordless Tool, 1/2" - 2" Copper Jaws Battery & Carry Case


52176  18V Lithium Battery 3 amp.


52178  18V Lithium Battery Charger 120V $89.90

The Rothenberger ROCONNECT® Corded

This cost effective press tool with an innovative electro-hydraulic drive is extremely light, convenient, and perfect for use on the construction site. For hydraulic pressing of fittings up to dia. 4 inches. 12 Ton Dieless State of the art Crimping Tool.

CFT® Technology for constant axial shearing force:
Eliminates danger of excessive pressing forces. Controlled press sequence:
For uniform, guaranteed joints that conform to the specifications of leading system manufacturers.The controlled press sequence begins once the touch switch is depressed and held: Energy-saving and safe. Piston automatically returns once pressing cycle is finished: Quick press cycle without manual switching. Generous 16.4 ft cable length: Optimal operation range. Sturdy 110 Volt / 50-60 HZ motor Powerful, long-lasting and reliable.

The corded version of this press tool provides an economical alternative with the same unique design and the same 24,000 lbs of pressing force for up to 4" fittings without charging batteries.

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 ROCONNECT® Corded Corded Tool Only


 ROCONNECT® Corded Tool, 1/2" - 2" Copper Jaws


Rothenberger hand tools give tradesmen of all types the confidence that comes with having the best materials and design at their tool boxes. Like all Rothenberger tools, the hand tools have the Quality Assurance Certification ISO 9000 / 9001 / 9002, which covers everything from the raw materials to the service you receive after a sale. At
CMS Industrial Equipment Company, we stand behind all of the Rothenberger tools we sell, including their exceptionally made tee extractors.

For Rothenberger's full line of German-engineered hand tools, power tools, and more,
CMS Industrial Equipment Company is your direct connection. Search on our easy-to-navigate site for all the tools you need and then order with the just the click of a mouse. If you prefer to order by fax, our ordering department is always ready at the number below.



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Rothenberger ROMAX Pressliner,
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