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Sievert TW-500 Display

Sievert TW 5000 Hot Air Automatic Welder

The Sievert TW 5000 was designed with the professional in mind. It is the most versatile, reliable, powerful and easy to operate automatic welding machine available in the market. In designing the TW 5000, performance and innovation were the top priority.

The Sievert TW 5000 is designed to weld any membrane, including as plastics, rubbers, modified bitumen’s, PVC-P, ECB, EPDM, CSPC, and TPO just to name a few. Temperature and welding speed are electronically controlled, therefore independent of voltage fluctuations. The digital display provides the user with an easy, accurate, computerized set of speed and temperature. The TW 5000 offers a temperature range of 104°F to 1225°F and speed setting of 20.5 f.p.m. With just a change of the welding nozzle, you can easily transform your TW 5000 to weld modified bitumen.

The Sievert TW 5000 comes standard in a heavy duty steel box providing you with a sense of durability and security. With adjustable weights up to 40 lbs and a telescoping handle adjustable to anyone’s height, it is easy to see why the TW 5000 is the professional’s choice for a quality made, high-performance welding machine. Backed by Sievert's outstanding one year warranty and our 10 year in hot air welder service.

Machine TW 5000                                                                                                                                                                                      
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Voltage 230 V ~ ± 10%
Cable connection L1 - L2
Power Output 6300 W
Frequency 60 Hz
Temperature 100°F - 1225°F
Drive 0 - 20 ft./min
Air flow 0 - 12.7 gal/sec
Noise emission level 70 dB
Outlet Tube / Nozzle 55mm **
Width of welding seam 1.5'' - 2''
Dimensions 22'' x 15'' x 10''
Weight (8.8 lb built-in weight) 68 lb
Additional weight (incl.) 17.6 lb
Additional weight (not incl.) 8.8 lb
Power cord length 3 ft.

OPTIONAL: also available in optional WIDE WELDER
 with 130mm outlet tube. Item #2993-47.

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Description No. Price Buy Now

 Sievert TW 500-2990
For overlap welding of PVC and similar roofing membranes
299047 $6,799.90
 Sievert TW 500-2991
For overlap welding of modified Bitumen and similar roofing membranes
299101 $6,799.90
  Sievert TW 500 Wideweld
Provides a wide nozzle for up to 130mm welding
299347 $6,999.90

 Additional weight
10 lb. Additional weight for adding pressure when welding special demanding material.
 2993-01 $295.90
 Replacement Heating Element
230 V ceramic hand-wired encapsulated heating element especially designed for the TW 5000.
7990-47 $534.90
 Sievert "Belt Weld" Belt
A 6'' wide silicone belt designed for the TW 5000. Designed to help eliminate wrinkles and offer more welding stability.
7990-10 $263.90
 1.58'' (40mm) Welding Nozzle
High quality welding nozzle made of sturdy stainless steel. Designed specifically for the TW 5000.
7990-30 $752.90



Sievert GS12000 Portable Electric Power Generator.

10,800 watt 120/240V 60A continuous output, 20HP Honda GX630, 15 Gallon Gas Tank, 4-Wheel No Flat Tires, Electric Start.
Designed for daily use by roofing & construction contractors. The GS12000 comes standard with a premium EPA Certified Honda GX630 20 horsepower engine, a brushless heavy duty alternator with THD of less than 5% and a frame mounted control panel that offers you 120V, 120/240V 30amp and 240V full power 60 amp service. Other standard equipment is an engine protection system, circuit breaker protection, voltmeter, hour-meter, 4-wheel dolly kit, lifting points.

Description No. Price Buy Now

 Sievert GS12000 Portable Electric Power Generator GS 12000 $4,750.00


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