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Pipe      1/4" to 4" I.D.
Tubing   5/8" to 4 1/2" O.D.

19"L X 10"W X 19"H

Drive Type:
Gear Driven Rollers

Cutter Wheel:
Heat-treated, high-speed tool-steel

2-3/4 HP Universal AC/DC 50-60 Hz. 115V. Standard Supply.
3 HP Universal AC/DC. 50-60 Hz. 230V motor optional

Shipping Weight:
Collins E-Z Cutter Model A 121 lbs.

The fastest 100 pound electric pipe cutter machine you can buy!
  • Fast, high volume production cutter makes quick work of 1/4" - 4" pipe and 5/8" to 4 1/2" tubing.
  • Built to withstand everyday knocks and abuses yet light enough to set up anywhere.
  • Universal AC/DC motor provides a full 2-3/4 HP for meeting all-day production needs.
  • Gear-driven rollers turn the work for true perpendicular cutting.
  • Ball-bearing assembled cutter wheel revolves freely for even wear.
  • High-speed tool-steel cutter wheels assure thousands of clean cuts with no external burr-so clean that no further finishing is needed before applying fittings.
  • Foot switch provides operator safety while freeing both hands for high-volume production demands.
  • Sold as is

Turn your Collins EZ Cutter® electric pipe cutter into a complete production system with these time-saving accessories.

For bench mounting:

  • Stationary Support #00036 for Collins EZ Cutter mounts your 1 1/4" support pipe to the work bench surface.
  • Roller Bearing Support #00069 for Collins EZ Cutter slides onto the support pipe and provides easy travel and rotation of work.

For floor mounting:

  • Collins EZ Cutter® electric pipe cutter Stand #00037 bolts to the floor for stationary support.
  • Pipe Support Fitting #00071 for Collins EZ Cutter (with 1" pipe legs making a sturdy work horse) mounts onto 1 1/4" pipe also using the Roller Bearing Support on support pipe.
  • Pipe Jack with Ball-Bearing Transport Head #00101 for Collins EZ Cutter replaces system of support pipe and fittings, providing a handy alternative for supporting the work.

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 RECONDITIONED Collins E-Z Cutter, Model A with one cutting wheel and NEW Footswitch
 *One available
120.00 00032 SOLD  







Rothenberger's Pneumatic Mini-Collins weighs only 27 pounds and is the most portable air powered threader available!

  • For complete safety in hazardous environments such as petroleum and chemical plants, mines or tunnels
  • Reversible, non-sparking air motor develops 500 foot pounds of torque in either direction
  • Cannot be damaged by overload, even when operated to point of stall
  • Puts power back into power threading-threads up to 2" pipe or conduit, 1" bolt or rod in seconds!
  • Lightweight and engineered to go anywhere-requires only 1 3/4" clearance for working in trenches, overhead, and in tight quarters where only hand tools could be used before.
  • Convenient maintenance-built-in fill plug eliminates disassembly of gearbox for oiling
  • Has the muscle to make any turning job easy-tightens nuts, drives cable pullers, turns hoists and jacks, opens and closes valves, or drives up to 6" geared threaders

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 USED (Demo) Pneumatic Mini-Collins
29.00 00078 $1,999.90





Used Rothenberger Collins 44A for sale at




USED Rothenberger Collins THRED-O-MATIC 44A

Standard Unit with Three Dual (1/2" - 3/4") (2.1/2" - 3"), (3.1/2" - 4") and one Quad (1" - 2") Snap-O-Matic Die Heads and NPT High Speed Dies. Includes: and 1/2" - 2" Cone Reamer Assembly

Range: (Standard Unit)

  • Pipe or conduit 1/2" - 4"
  • Bolt or rod 19 to 76mm, 3/4" to 3"


  • Length 60", Width 30", Height 44 1/2", height to center line of spindle 35 1/2", carriage travel 13"

Spindle Speed

  • While threading 1/2" to 1" - 48 RPM
  • While threading 1 1/4" to 2" - 26 RPM
  • While threading 2 1/2" to 3" - 16 RPM
  • While threading 3 1/2" to 4" - 12 RPM

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 Rothenberger Collins 44A 1,350.00 00039 $OLD  

USED Ridgid 36620 Receding Geared Threader at CMS Industrial Equipment

USED Ridgid 36620 Receding Geared Threader

Includes: Dies

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 USED Ridgid 36620 Receding Geared Threader 95.00 36620 $1,499.90








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