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Basic Unit

Basic Unit + TEC (Automotive)

Basic Unit + MICRO

Basic Unit + PIPE 12

Basic Unit + PIPE 25


ROSCOPE, The All Seeing Eye
 Compact, modular inspection Camera
robust, compact and versatile suitable for many applications. 4 different models are available. All 4 cable and camera head options are interchangeable and can be bought individually.

 Use to:
  • Inspect
  • Photograph still images
  • Shoot movies
  • Record / Save
  • Transfer captured images / movies to a computer via memory card or with USB cable
  • Display: 3.5 TFT colour display, 320 x 240 pixels
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-PolymerPicture
  • Format: MPEG
  • Circuit points: Mini USB / AV out
All sets include a carry case or bag, a 2GB Memory SD-Card, USB cable to use unit with computer, Video cables & charger

Basic Unit Takes Still and Video
 Equiped with SD card and USB Port
 4 Module options
   TEC - Vertical & Horizontal Pipe Inspection
   MICRO - Smallest Diameter; Special Applications
   Pipe 12 - Small Pipe Diameters Household Inspections
   Pipe 25 - Most Popular, Long Cable & Pivot Mounting Make it Ideal for Wash Basins &   Kitchen  Drains

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 Basic Unit, includes a carry case or bag, a 2GB Memory SD-Card, USB cable to use unit with computer, Video cables & charger
69361 $869.00
 TEC (Automotive Set) Robust gooseneck cable, with high quality lens for inspecting difficult to reach places. The 1.5m cable length is long enough to inspect behind suspended ceilings without the use of a ladder. Set (69363) includes: TEC 10/1.5 cable (69364) + Accessory set: Hook, Mirror & Magnet (69379)
69364 $349.00
 MICRO (Industrial Set) Roscope Micro includes flexible cable and 5.5mm camera head, ideal for inspecting and recording in the smallest diameter pipes & cavities . Set (69375) includes: MICRO 5.5/1 cable (69376) + Accessory set: Mirror & Magnet (69380)
69376 $699.00
 PIPE 12 (Utility Set) Flexible 3m cable is ideal for inspecting pipes, tubes & cavities. Set (69384) includes: PIPE 20/3 cable
69385 $939.00
 PIPE 25 (Plumbing Set) Flexible, 22m cable for the inspection of tubes, pipes & cavities. 25mm dia. Roscope camera is mounted on the cable holder, minimising space required for operation. Set (69371) includes: PIPE 25/22 cable (69372) + Coil Holder case
69372 $1,499.00

Rothenberger ROCAM mobile Pipe & Drain Inspection Camera System Specifications

ROCAM Specifications  
Video input: RCA 1 kohms
Video output RCA 75 ohms
Power consumption: 550 mA
Working temperature: 14F to 122F (-10C to + 50C)
Storage Temperature -22F to 122F (-30C to + 50C)
Dimensions (L X W X H): 20 X 16.5 X 14.5 in.
Weight inc. battery: 28.7 lbs.
Monitor: COLOR COLOR display screen 5.5 in.
Camera module: Type EIA
Camera head diameter: 1.3 in.
Reel cable length: 115 ft.
Reel cable diameter: 0.18 in.
Battery voltage: 18 V
Battery capacity: 1.4 Ah
Battery operational working time: 2.5 hrs.
Drain capacity: 2 to 6 in.
Drain capacity (mini module): 1.5 to 4 in.

Portable Media Player (PMP)

Portable Electronic Storage
Unit with display for professional documentation and presentation of the inspection. Features: Memory Capacity 30 GB, Wi-Fi Capable with optional browser, Head Cam included, Compact, fits into Camera storage compartment, Quick data transmission to laptop or PC via USB, Includes PMP adapter, Also film and MP3 capabilities, Suggested retail value of $400.00 for PMP Media player.

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 ROCAM Cordless Color with Transmitter, Distance Counter and Free PMP **

36.00 69635NT $5,699.00

 ROCAM Cordless Color with Transmitter, Distance Counter, Locator and Free PMP **

45.00 69635NTL $6,699.90

 Replacement Cable

2.30 69480 $1,028.90

 Camera Head Black & White

1.00 69401NT $1,154.90

 Camera Head Black & White with transmitter

1.00 69402NT $2,099.00

 Camera Head Color

1.00 69501NT $1,469.90

 Camera Head Color with Transmitter and Distance Counter

1.00 69502NT $2,309.90
 ROCAM Guide Ball 1.00 74628 $125.90
 ROCAM Guide Skid 1.00 H82306 $10.00
 ROCAM Mini Module Black & White 2.00 69300 $1,606.50
 ROCAM Mini Module Color 2.00 69350 $1,711.50
 ROCAM Replacement Battery 2.50 69550 $157.50
 ROCAM Replacement Power Supply, Not Shown 2.50 H88953 $241.50



Camera Head Black & White

Camera Head Color

ROCAM Guide Ball

ROCAM Guide Skid

ROCAM Mini Module

ROCAM Battery



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