Rothenberger ROFROST Turbo Freeze Kits, ROFROST Handy Kit & Freeze Pack


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Rothenberger 64004 Freeze Pack CMS Industrial Equipment

New! Rothenberger Freeze Pack
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No need to drain down
  • Will Freeze copper, lead, steel & plastic pipes
  • Size range: 5/16" -  1-7/64"
  • Can be used on horizontal & vertical pipes
  • CFC free!
  • Kit contains: 500g can of Quick Freeze spray, 2 quick freeze jackets & 4 cable ties.
  • Produces an ice plug in 10 min that will last up to 30 min (dependent on water & room temperature)


No. Price Buy Now

 Rothenberger Freeze Pack

03034 $59.90  

 Replacement Freeze Jacket

64002 $19.90  

 Rothenberger Quick Freeze Spray

03432 $50.90  

Rothenberger ROFROST Turbo Freeze Kit

Rothenberger Rofrost Turbo I

ROFROST Turbo Freeze Kit

For easy, fast, and safe freezing of:

Turbo 1
Copper tube (OD) 1/2" - 1 3/8"
Steel pipe (IPS) 1/4" - 1"

Economic and environment-friendly solution for plumbers and heating engineers. Cuts time for maintenance - repair without bleeding line. No long term system downtime. Ideal for quick replacements of radiators, valves, or thermostatic valves.


  • Self-contained freezing unit (CFC-free freezing medium R290)
  • High freezing power with short freezing cycles
  • Equal ice build-up in pipe
  • Easy clamp system with 6 reduction clamp sets for the most common pipe diameters.
  • Large LCD digital temperature display in 0.1 degree C fractions
  • Brazing and welding can be performed without difficulty following freezing.
  • Freezing procedure controlled by dual temperature control and display (left and right clamps) in time fractions of 15 seconds.
  • No evaporation of freezing medium
  • No freezing bottles
Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
works with parallel pipes
Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
works in corners
Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
work close to wall
2" contact area required
Rothenberger ROFROST TURBO
safe & controlled freezing

ROFROST Turbo Freeze Kit

Each Rothenberger RoFrost Turbo freeze kit comes complete with freezer unit, 2 integral hose/main clamp sets, 2 built in temperature probes and 2-piece reduction clamp sets suitable for the range of pipe sizes shown.

for copper tube
Ø mm
for copper tube
Ø inch
for steel pipe
Ø inch

220-230 V
50 Hz
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 12 - 42 mm  1/8" - 1-1/4"  1/8" - 1-1/4"  56.10  03001 $2,915.90  



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